Isn't framing annoying? Hands up if you don't like framing?

If I had a penny for every time someone made a suggestion during an exhibition I would be a rich girl! ANYWAY. The reason why I'm supposterating is because I now have a clear plan what to do for my next exhibition. I'm going to have my raw edges showing, put a mount around them and frame the felt in a box frame. Hmmm, think that's what I'll do...

But I'm very happy with my pics and I hope you like them too xxx

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Phew, exhibition all finished!!! Give me a while to recover and I'm sure there'll be some pictures to follow!

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Updated: Apr 14

Exhibition coming up in July, must start framing pronto!

Now, framing is a tricky business as we are all well aware. This time I've gone for a simple box frame with a mount, the picture taking pride of place. I've tried several times to mount a piece of felt, and either the frame's been slightly too large or the felt's stood out a bit too much, that I decided to focus on the picture, which after all is what this is all about. For me, felting is a means to an end, a craft that I love becomes a picture that I love.

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