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Exhibition coming up in July, must start framing pronto!

Now, framing is a tricky business as we are all well aware. This time I've gone for a simple box frame with a mount, the picture taking pride of place. I've tried several times to mount a piece of felt, and either the frame's been slightly too large or the felt's stood out a bit too much, that I decided to focus on the picture, which after all is what this is all about. For me, felting is a means to an end, a craft that I love becomes a picture that I love.

  • JessFELT

Hmm, this is a sketch I did yesterday of the Yorkshire Moors-to be. I say 'to-be' because it's a work 'in progress'!

And this (see below) is supposed to be the other side of the country, Cornwall!

You know that I put off trying to felt something, that I'd rather be anywhere else but starting off? Well, I am that person. I've even put off trying to sketch something. But I know that it's ridiculous and, like this sketch on the left, I have to get going, and I take the plunge.

And it is important to have a colour sketch before you start felting I think, if anything to get those slightly exaggerated colours. I'm using oil pastels here but anything will do. Like I said, if there's the perfect something that you've captured on camera, or something that would be right but just needs a little titivating, it's perfect for felting!

And that, is what we have here. Now this (on the right) will eventually be framed but I have a feeling it requires a bit of work first. At the moment it's a bit something or nothing really, nothing stands out. Composition is so important....we'll see.... I'd better start some felting then!

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  • JessFELT

There we are, my first attempt at felt art since Christmas and about time too.

Small confession....the dog is my imagination running wild, so is the person in actual fact but you're fractionally more likely to meet a person like that rather than a dog...I think.

You're more than likely to find pine cones though because you often find them squashed amongst the stones of Palk Walk come Autumn.

As usual I had to persevere. I thought I'd captured most things during the wet felting stage (because I spent at least one and a half hours laying the wool out plus silk fibres) but when it dried I seemed to have left most things off! I stabbed at it with my spiky needle for what felt like ages to little avail, came back the next day and was in the zone!