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Right, I'm thinking "small". My unit in Cygnet needs a fresh look, something that caters for those (like me!) who are watching their pennies, who are looking for something SMALL yet represents me as an artist, something simple. Now it sounds simple to think of, quite naturally.....but SMALL PICTURES didn't for some reason! But eventually it dawned on me. To be honest I had done felt pictures a while back but not for a long time and not, as I was planning, en masse (lots of them!) Also, I hadn't made small pictures with recognizable scenes in them (as I was planning to do) AND I hadn't made them with scenes of Shaftesbury or Dorset either.

Here are a few photos that may give me the inspiration I need and before you zoom in (!) the format I'm aiming for - square. Hopefully next month I'll have something to show you:

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Starting afresh, I 've got some new picture ideas bubbling....which, I hate to say, I'm putting off like mad at the moment! Which tells me that I'm on to something (!) so I MUST LAUNCH OUT INTO THE ABYSS and have a go, if it fails then start again. It'll usually be better the second time around because you've learnt what does and doesn't work the first time.

On a completely different note, I am very proud to be a part of the Cygnet gallery in Shaftesbury, Dorset, so I thought I'd tell you a bit about them.

We are a society of artists who pay once a month to have a unit and sell/exhibit our arts and crafts. We volunteer to spend a morning or afternoon a week on duty with another Cygnet artist. This involves dealing with card and cash transactions, wrapping and answering questions. And we all have a jolly romp around at Christmas while we're at it (with lots of mulled wine!)

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Wishing You All A Wonderfully Peaceful Merry Christmas.....

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