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Yeay, I'm feeling better now...although still one-handed as yet. But I've made some felt soap, some felt scarves, and even a felt picture!! Just to keep you hanging on though, here are some pictures I did pre-stroke and pre-framing - they're going to be framed by a very nice chap whose name I can't divulge...yet!

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Hello friends, I'm back! After a long, long time away.... So what have I been doing, you may ask. Well, to be frank, I've had a stroke. Which has completely wiped my mind if I'm honest. I haven't been able to felt (unless you count two bars of felt soap anything to go by!), I haven't been able to go upstairs to my room, I haven't been able to walk apart from the last three months! But a lot can happen in three months and gradually, gradually I'm getting back into things again. Mind you, it's funny saying "getting back into things again" when you're still surrounded by corona virus...if that's what it's called.

I still can't walk more than 100m, and I still can't felt anything. And it's like I've completely lost my mojo. I find what used to be the most productive part of the day, the afternoon, quite a strain because I have to think of something to do, and I don't know what to do if I'm honest. It's lucky that I made up most of my felt hangings and I'm still able to sew because my father's been cutting the mounts for me, bless him, and I've been sewing them onto the backing fabric. Then we've both been double sided taping them on so to speak.

You'll have to bare with me thou, okay?

Updated: Jan 14

I've been working on this picture today; it's a design based on several different photos e.g cottage from Mousehole (Cornwall), rock and shell deco from near St Austell, etc. The wet felting is all done so now it's up to the felting needles to tidy up those wonky lines. I'll get the sewing machine out tomorrow and add some extra details, and maybe some beads...we'll see...


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