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       ome of my pictures are wall hangings, some are framed behind glass (glazed), some are framed without glass (unglazed) and some are stitched onto canvas. All of these framing styles are inter -changeable. For advice about framing, visit my                                      page. If you would like to buy or discuss one of these pictures please don't hesitate to get in touch.
                                        are also available to order.                     for further information.


Never Felt Better (July 2017)

Sunday Tea for Two
Golden Autumn at Stourhead
The Midshipman's Treasure Trove
Cheeky 'Pacas
Donkey Haven, Ivybridge
Remains of the Day, Castle Hill
The End of a Winter's Day, Park Walk
Shell Seekers
Cornish Customs - To The Beach We Go
Wisteria Cottage, Higher Coombe
The Early Bird
Red Sky at Night Shepherd's Delight
The Collector's Hoard
Keeping Watch, Mousehole
The Scottish Elements
Patio Ponderings
Spring has Sprung, French Mill
That Special Occasion
Down At The Sheep Wash
Knit One, Purl One
Feeling Fine
Counting Sheep
To The Lighthouse We Go
Walking The Well Worn Trail
Quick Getaway!
Born Free
Into The Woods

Original images © 2017, Jess Sims

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The Felted Picture (April 2015)

Original images © 2015, Jess Sims

Copyright © Jess Sims, 2016