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Framing Information

Framing Information

     he decision to frame a picture can be a tricky one. Maybe you need to ask
yourself the "is it art or is it craft?" question. If, for example, you enjoy your 
picture because of its wooliness and can't stop stroking it, then perhaps an
unglazed frame or a wall hanging would suit your needs. If you enjoy your
picture for it's painterly qualities then the more traditional glass & frame 
approach might be best? 
It also depends on where you're going to hang it. Felt pictures are hardy things
but they don't like being hung above or opposite a direct source of light or heat,
e.g over a radiator or opposite a sunny window. Constant exposure can loosen 
connections between felt and mount and result in colour fade.

Don't use a duster on raw wool - it may dislodge fibres. If you're worried about dust, use a hoover. Take your picture off the wall, lay it somewhere flat, cover with a muslin cloth or some light netting and hoover with the
nozzle attachment.

 F.R.A.M.I.N.G Options

GLAZED - Box Frame & Mount
A box frame can be deep or shallow - spacer bars hold the glass away from felt.
Picture is trimmed/untrimmed and stitched onto backing fabric, wrapped around a sheet of card and fixed to rear mount board. Mount board is either added around the raw edge or the felt is made square/rectangular by a mount which goes over the top egdes of the felt.











UNGLAZED - Wall Hanging

Picture is stitched onto a black polycotton lining; a sleeve is attached 
through which a dowelling rod with hooks is inserted.












UNGLAZED - Stitched onto Canvas
Felt picture is cut to size of canvas and stitched onto frame;
box canvases lift felt away from the wall creating a 3D effect.












UNGLAZED - Frame & Mount
Felt picture is stitched onto a backing fabric which is wrapped around a sheet of card
and fixed to mount board. A light pine frame enhances textural qualities of the felt.
Irregular natural shape of felt brings the picture out of its frame.












Picture is wrapped around a board and inserted into a deep frame. Surface of
felt sits parallel to front of frame; the wrapped edges create a slightly
embossed, cushioned effect.










Trimmed by a square (ish) mount
With or without mount
Box frame & mount (glazed)
Wall hanging (unglazed)
Stitched onto canvas (unglazed)
Frame & mount (unglazed)
Frame (unglazed)
F.R.A.M.I.N.G options
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