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'BITS & BOBS' felt brooches

A creative way to use up those leftover felt offcuts!

I have a very large box of felt scraps in my workroom. On their own they might not look very much (it is oh so tempting to just bin them) but I hate throwing things away and some of them are really quite pretty with bits of silk and bamboo fibre, even the odd bit of stitching. Anyway, the brooches you see above are the result of a bit of online research/me playing around with 'bits & bobs'. I've simply layered complimentary colour scraps according to size and shape, nibbled a few bits off the edges to define the overall shape (thus creating even more scraps which, this time you'll be pleased to hear, have been scrapped - literally!), hemmed, stitched them all together in the centre and added some decorative buttons. Confess I raided the family stash of spare buttons which has accumulated over the years from the 1970s onwards so some of them are pretty quirky in style!

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