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Experimentation!! A felt book?

It is what it says it is - a felt book! I made a thick (because it's going to endure a lot!) piece of felt and started off by lining it with a piece of material with extra long bits so that they could wrap around themselves to insert a book... But I started off turning over the edges to line it and realised that wasn't going to work if the lining doubled back on itself! And at the end of the day when I'd had enough, I had an idea. How would it be if I used manmade felt instead of fabric. That way the felt (the manmade felt!), was strong enough to hold it's own, so it wouldn't need turning over. And instead of a lining, I'd just need two strips to hold the book - hey presto!0

Sewing the strips was somewhat harder than it looks - it was all by hand. I had to do quite a lot of trimming to my felt so that it fitted nice and snug when I folded it over. I'm still in two minds regarding the colour of the thread - should it be the same colour as the manmade felt (in other words green...although it looks turquoise in this light!)?

What do you think?

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