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Rock n' Gem "MINERAL" Scarves

Hematite  is the mineral form of iron(III) oxide (Fe2O3), one of several iron oxides. It is the oldest known iron oxide mineral that has ever formed on earth, and is widespread in rocks and soils

Apologies my dear woolly friends for not being in touch - no valid excuse for my absence just a lot of felty christmas planning! Now, I may not have started my own christmas shopping but I do know that one of the most popular christmas presents at this time of the year are scarves....nice, warm, woolly merino scarves (with a touch of bling).

Now, as far as scarves are concerned, I'm inspired by colour rather than pattern which means that sometimes I need a bit of visual inspiration to get me rolling....and my DK book, "Rock and Gem: The Definitive Guide to Rocks, Minerals, Gemstones and Fossils" by Ronald Bonewitz (ISBN 13: 9780751344004) is my number 1 choice for inspiration. I am a MASSIVE rock fan (stones not music!) - their colours and textures are totally unique - bright, bold hues melting and blushing into soft, subtle tones, with sparkly gem-like finishes.

See the results of last week's felting frenzy- the silky effect is a combination of white tussh silk and bamboo fibres...enjoy!

Top row (L to R): HEMATITE (Fe2O3), ARSENOPYRITE (FeAsS), CHALCOPYRITE (CuFeS2), Bottom row (L to R): SMITHSONITE (ZnCO3), AMMOLITE (fossilised shells of ammonite)

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