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Rock n' Gem "MINERAL" Scarves


Apologies my dear woolly friends for not being in touch - no valid excuse for my absence just a lot of felty christmas planning! Now, I may not have started my own christmas shopping but I do know that one of the most popular christmas presents at this time of the year are scarves....nice, warm, woolly merino scarves (with a touch of bling).

Now, as far as scarves are concerned, I'm inspired by colour rather than pattern which means that sometimes I need a bit of visual inspiration to get me rolling....and my DK book, "Rock and Gem: The Definitive Guide to Rocks, Minerals, Gemstones and Fossils" by Ronald Bonewitz (ISBN 13: 9780751344004) is my number 1 choice for inspiration. I am a MASSIVE rock fan (stones not music!) - their colours and textures are totally unique - bright, bold hues melting and blushing into soft, subtle tones, with sparkly gem-like finishes.

See the results of last week's felting frenzy- the silky effect is a combination of white tussh silk and bamboo fibres...enjoy!

Top row (L to R): HEMATITE (Fe2O3), ARSENOPYRITE (FeAsS), CHALCOPYRITE (CuFeS2), Bottom row (L to R): SMITHSONITE (ZnCO3), AMMOLITE (fossilised shells of ammonite)

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