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What's Occurring...?

Hmm, this is a sketch I did yesterday of the Yorkshire Moors-to be. I say 'to-be' because it's a work 'in progress'!

And this (see below) is supposed to be the other side of the country, Cornwall!

You know that I put off trying to felt something, that I'd rather be anywhere else but starting off? Well, I am that person. I've even put off trying to sketch something. But I know that it's ridiculous and, like this sketch on the left, I have to get going, and I take the plunge.

And it is important to have a colour sketch before you start felting I think, if anything to get those slightly exaggerated colours. I'm using oil pastels here but anything will do. Like I said, if there's the perfect something that you've captured on camera, or something that would be right but just needs a little titivating, it's perfect for felting!

And that, is what we have here. Now this (on the right) will eventually be framed but I have a feeling it requires a bit of work first. At the moment it's a bit something or nothing really, nothing stands out. Composition is so important....we'll see.... I'd better start some felting then!

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