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Ye Olde Gold Hill in Shaftesbury

My new picture of Gold Hill in Shaftesbury!

I didn't quite get the detail I wanted in the wet felting stage, although I was felting pretty much the entire day (which is quite unusual for me). I even sprinkled on some water to flatten the fibres down before laying the rest (at the risk of flooding the room!)

The needle felting process went a lot smoother. I could have got the proportions of the houses wrong or the angle of the hill but I followed my design meticulously and it worked. I went into great detail of course, that's the way I work, but took lots of breaks - you have to really...unless you're one of those superhuman people who can felt for the long haul!

Then comes the machine felting. Now, partly because I hadn't used my sewing machine for a long time, partly because I work one-handed at the moment, and partly because I had my presser foot up when it should have been down, but for whatever reason it wasn't working. There was the usual trepidation - was I using the right colour thread? Should that bit have thread at all or is it enough on its own? Lots of questions. Then I sort of thought, just go with what comes out of your I did, and it worked.

As for the hand embroidery, well, I didn't need to do much to be honest, and I don't do official embroidery stitches I just poke the needle in and see what comes up.


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