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      elt Artist" might seem a rather "woolly" job description, but that is exactly what I do - I feel my art. I am a FELTER who paints with fibre"and an ARTIST who felts paintings (rather hairy ones!)

Making something from nothing is incredibly satisfying. With just a few handfuls of sheep's wool I record textures and colours in the world around me - tree bark, clouds, pebbles, flowers - combining these with different scenes and situations to create my very own pictures and stories. Practising one of the oldest crafts known to man is pretty special too!


     ou will find my felt pictures in The Cygnet gallery, Shaftesbury, along
with a host of handfelted gifts - from scarves to purses, cushions to felted soap bars.
If you'd like to discuss anything felty and fancy a trip to ye olde Shaftesbury, Dorset (home to the iconic 'Gold Hill') ring the gallery (tel. 01747 855699)
to find out which days I'm in or send me an email.
I also undertake commissions so if you know a certain special someone who would like a certain special "woolly" something (unique and handmade!) or would like to arrange a workshop, please don't hesitate to
get in touch. Click on                               to read more.                                  


Original images © 2015 - 2017, Jess Sims

"You may look in front of
you, and on both sides, if
you like,' said the Sheep; 'but you can't look all 

around you ...unless you've
got eyes at the back of
your head "

Lewis Carroll
('Through The Looking Glass ')

Exhibition - Every picture tells a story

Saturday 6th June to Sunday 19th July 2020 9:00am to 6:00pm

An exhibition of hand crafted felt pictures by Jess Sims.

Using the ancient craft of felt making to tell a story, Shaftesbury felt artist, Jess Sims’ pictures are a celebration of the natural world in all its seasonal vibrancy – woolly snapshots inspired by the local countryside including nature’s secrets, both great and small.

Copyright © Jess Sims, 2016