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It took ages for me to work out what to do with these sheep.

I needle felted them to be used on the front of cards with a Santa Claus hat on, it being the Christmas season and all that. Except the hats didn't fit because of the fleece. I tried really hard to make them fit, cocking them at a jaunty angle, ramming them down over their heads...but I ended up making the card top-heavy and extra thick! It wasn't successful.

The sheep lay there and looked at me reproachfully while I got on with the other Christmas greeting cards and felt notebooks. I don't know what made me think of fridge magnets, their size and shape? But as a last resort I rifled through my box of tricks and found a packet of unopened magnets (some bright idea that never materialized!) and tried attaching them via glue. A tense night was spent wondering what would happen Would the glue take? Would it seep through the felt onto the sheep?

But it didn't! The magnet was well and truly stuck on and the felt on the front was untouched - perfect! One sheep magnet!

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