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"NEVER FELT BETTER" felty feeling cards

Let's be honest - the main reason why us felters like to felt, is because of the feelings we feel while/when/after we're felting - those soft handfuls of silky merino fibres, all that rubbing and rolling, AND we LOVE stroking the felt that we create.

The sense of touch is incredibly powerful - we see something we like the look of and our automatic reaction as homan beings is to touch it - clothes, flowers, furniture...

and we use the word 'feel' in our conversations all the out of curiosity I decided to google sayings and phrases which included the words 'felt' or 'feel' (all the happy ones anyway!) and believe me, there were an awful lot of them...

"I FEEL....(an emotion, i.e happy, excited, thrilled, excellent, etc)"; "I FEEL like..." i.e "I've said this before"; "I've never FELT better"; and (particularly relevant for felters) "I FEEL woolly!!"

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