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Quack, quackety quack!

Admittedly this is not the best of photos but I thought I'd just show you where my thoughts are at the moment.

So I rummaged through my misfits, nearly-dones and pieces-missing bag, and found this little fella. He was small and perfect, the one problem being his legs, or the lack of them shall we say!

So I looked through a book my mother had given me a little while ago and it had lots of photos of wires with bits of wool being wrapped around.

Anyway, I asked my father if he could make some wire legs, just like the owl and oyster-catcher in the book, and he valiantly rose to the occasion. He took a couple of old electrical cables and cut into them to reveal the copper wire underneath, got his tool box out and started twisting....and he produced these little beauties.

I got my felting needles out, added more wool, and merged the wire into the felt. It looked so good in fact that I decided to forego the wool round the wire effect. Et voila! A little bird...rather rough and ready but it's not bad for a first go!

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